Glass jars

Glass Jars offer a great selection of you guessed it glass jars in all shapes and sizes. We have round, hexagon and many other shapes to accommodate any needs or tastes that you may have. Our jars are perfect for all your preserves and can also be used for basic storage. Maybe even to keep all of your loose change saved up. All of our glass storage jars are at competitive and affordable prices, these include both small glass jars and large glass jars. So if you are looking to buy jam jars, dry food jars or storage jars look no further as they are all here at your friendly reliable glass jars supplier.

Jam jars

Here you will be able to find all kinds of jam jars in one place. There are large glass jars, small glass jars in fact there are glass jars with lids in all shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose these high quality jam jars will proudly preserve your home made and bought jams. They will defiantly add a fruitful effect in your kitchen or dining room. Our glass storage jars are all shapes and sizes for all storage purposes making the decisions that little bit harder for you for which we apologise. If you are in fact a jam maker these simple transparent jars will display your wonderfully colourful and sure to be tasty jams at competitions and tastings around the UK. Perfect for the jam lover out there.

Kilner jars

Our selection of kilner jars are a sight to behold. Ideal for using as kitchen storage jars to store all of your homemade’s such as jams, sauces and jellies. Kilner jars are a classic choice for your kitchen with their designs dating back to the early 1800’s. Our selections are also perfect for storing dry foods such as rice, sugar and flour. With some suppliers you can have the most beautifully designed kilner jars but the lids themselves that define the kilner jar are faulty and fail to do the job, here at Glass Jars we ensure our products will be both well designed and reliable for your preserves. So if its glass storage jars with lids your looking for look no further.

Storage jars

We pride ourselves in supplying the best products on the market, and our Storage jars are no different. Our vast selection is sure to give you lots of choice when deciding to find the storage jar to meet your needs, this is our aim as we want to have the biggest range on the market. You could be using our storage jars for anything such as storing your loose change, your favourite biscuits to little keepsakes. All of our glass storage jars are well made to ensure that you can use them for as many purposes as possible. We are confident that whatever purpose you have for our glass storage jars they will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. So if your looking for storage jars then look no further than

Pickle jars

Glass Jars have a wonderful range of pickle jars. Our range consists of all different shapes and sizes to suite all needs and taste’s. Our pickle jars both big and small are made as strong as glass can be, just in case you get yourself into a pickle (excuse the pun). Pickle jars are perfect for storing anything from the obvious ‘pickles’ to spare coins and perhaps bulk amounts of jam if you’re a jam fan. The choice is yours. Whatever your requirements for the glass jars we are sure our pickle jars will be more than able. We here at Glass Jars offer the best selection of food storage jars on the market and look to offer the best quality glass products in the UK.